Janet N. Heaton

"The Bronze Sculpture Series"

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12 3/4" H. x 9 1/2" D. x 15 1/2" L.
Edition of 16 - $4200
african elephant sculpture african elephant sculpture

"While on safari in the Amboseli area of Kenya, East Africa, It was great fun to observe this young elephant at play, a distance away from his herd. Suddenly realizing that the herd had moved on, he started running to catch up and much to his surprise he was startled by the presence of humans - the ears flew up and his pace quickened to be in the safety of the herd. The budding tusks - actually 'nubs' became a focal point in this my first sculpture."

~ Janet N. Heaton

"Resting Cheetah"
5 1/2" H. x 8" D. x 13" L.
Edition of 18 - $2450
cheetah sculpture

"Resting Cheetah"
"As an observer of the original 'resting cheetah' in Kenya, East Africa, it was my good fortune to spend an inordinate amount of time with this beautiful, mature female cheetah. Her relaxed state gave no indication that she was observing her surroundings for a possible kill. The nonchalant glances into the distance and slight movement of her tail and flat body on the warm earth gave no warning she would suddenly rise and leap into that burst of speed that only a cheetah can achieve. It was clear that she was on a mission of survival and with stunning swiftness and beauty accomplished her goal to continue her existence in the world of Nature."

~ Janet N. Heaton

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